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Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
should give president obama a chance for the next four years and let him prove himself. everybody is fighting against him. the first year the republicans said they want to stop obama. everybody should have a chance at life. they should give him a chance to prove he can do the job. he has been trying to do the job. >> next is don in houston who is a republican. >> hello, i am actually in colleyville, tx. i am a republican. i felt like obama has had three and a half years to basically do this. he has forced obamacare down our throats. nancy pelosi basically said that we would know what is in it when it is approved. what we are finding out is it will cost us a lot more once it is here. as far as mitt romney goes, i really feel like he needs to hold obama's feet to the fire on what he has not accomplished and not let him get away with that. >> next up is peter from gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> i thought both candidates did pretty well. i thought obama could have probably drolled mitt romney on a lot of the comments he made. i thought he could have brought him a little bit more. i do t
Oct 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
obama is going to? nope. but here is the thing. with romney, at least i know within four years we will still have a president. with obama, i am not so certain. i don't feel that we are united as we the people anymore. with romney, we have that option. that is all i have to say. >> had already made up your mind who you were going to vote for? >> no, i am completely open- minded still. just by looking and seeing how things are going, i am leaning a little bit more toward romney at the moment. >> this is sophia from twitter. -- so fantastic to see governor romney and president obama being so social and courteous. all of our social media component and other components about the debates have been put together in our debate hub. first and foremost, you can see the responses to questions, the specific questions that were asked tonight by the moderator. you can click the question and see the video responses and you can also use the site to make clips of sections of the debate and send those clips be a social media or whatever to other people to share. that is all at our debate hub at c-span.or
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2